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August 12th 2016

hi 5 star(s)

My partner and I have been on the search for rings for a while now. We've been together for a year and a half, and because we are in a long distance relationship, we've always wanted a physical token and reminder of each other to carry with us throughout the day. When we came across these rings, we were excited to finally have found something we both liked. These rings were perfect for us. Simple enough, yet not boring. Unique and different. We loved the handcrafted antique-like look. And of course, they weren't ridiculously expensive. When the rings came, however, I quickly realized that my ring did not fit. Not without cutting off my circulation at least. After numerous email exchanges with the designer and owner, CJ, who has been very patient with my somewhat panicked and probably very annoying messages, we were offered a very generous discount of 50% for a replacement ring. I'm waiting and looking forward to receiving my replacement ring now. Only thing I want to recommend is to use a similarly sized ring to measure your ring size. I went into a typical jewelry store to measure my ring size before placing an order and I suppose because these rings are a bit wider and thicker, the first order did not work out. The jeweler recommended that I don't go above a 6, I ordered a 6 1/4 (yes they can make quarter sizes), and it was still too small. When I brought the ring with me to a different jeweler, he recommended that I go up to a 7 instead. Long story short, I am very happy with these rings and only hope that the next one will fit my finger and that my partner's will fit his finger when I finally see him again next month.

J. Adams

August 12th 2016

hi 5 star(s)

This is a really cool piece to wear! Great craftsmanship and goes good with my othrr pieces. Thanks so much :))

Timothy keenan

May 1st 2016

hi 4 star(s)

Thanks for the 3/8 copper ring the craftsmenship is amazing I love the ring!

Dana Velasquez

April 4th 2016

hi 5 star(s)

The rings are great. Me and my bf loved it. If we ever need any jewelry, we will come back.